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    Woo, 3rd times a charm, let's do this. I'm BulletSponge, 28 and male from the great (shitty) state of Ohio. Been a gamer my whole life, starting with getting my ass handed to me by my sister in Atari games. To be fair I was about 2 or 3 and had shit motor skills. I'm a former U.S. Marine and combat vet of the Iraq war, which is the inspiration for my name. Little bit of morbid humor from us grunts. I've spent time as a volunteer EMT and have also worked in low level computer repair. I don't have a mic, but you should all be happy since hearing my voice would probably make most of you question your sexuality. Anyway, NS2 is just one of the many games I'm interested in, so feel free to add me on steam and let's go shoot things in the face. Unless there are explosives available, then let's use those.

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    HI Bullet.
    I don't need to welcome you as you know you're already Welcome, but for those that don't know - BulletSponge is a paramount member of Diamonds. He's a positive influence and although not having a mic does suck - I like it when people can't talk. Makes the game easier to hear.

    Looking forward to gaming with you for eons to come! I can always use a Bulletsponge between myself and an Exosuit. :P

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