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    TheSeventhSense's Intro

    Hello everyone! Glad to be apart of the Diamonds community!

    A bit about myself:
    Im 19 years of age, i have two wonderful little children. I know its a bit young for kids, but you gotta live your life the way you want eh?
    I live in NH. I thoroughly enjoy RPG games. I think i've logged an insane amount of hours on the elder scrolls franchise XD

    One game that ive taken a liking to lately has been Guns of Icarus, a neat lil steam punk game. I spend most of my gaming time lately on NS2 however. I love the mix of fps and strategy. Can't stand the modern warfare franchise, just the same thing every time they come out with a new release lol.

    Other than video games, i paintball (when i have the money ), i do IT work on the side of my regular job, and just enjoy raising my kids.

    Hoping to see a lot of the Diamonds community, and i have thoroughly enjoyed playing with yall on the server this past week. Always a fun time, even when TAP one shots me every time i turn a corner

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    enjoy your time at diamonds and im sorry about that ill try an make it 2 shots next time

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    Hi SeventhSernse. Welcome to DIamonds... So how does it feel knowing that you just joined the best community ever ??
    eh eh ??

    Hope to see you around on Captain's nights soon !

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