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Thread: Doodle Intro

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    Doodle Intro

    Hello, my name is Tom. I live in Virginia. I pre-purchased NS2 early in it's development but only started playing regularly in the last couple months. I played a ton of NS1 when it first came out. I also spent a brief period of time on in a team fortress classic clan. But practice doesn't seem to make perfect, I'm pretty mediocre at FPS, but I love the game.
    My most distinguishing characteristic is probably that I'm older the dirt. When I turned 21 I tipped back a few as one does. When I got home I was unable to play any FPS. Because they weren't going to exist for a few years yet. Wasted youth.
    I look forward to many fun filled hours of play on the diamond servers.

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    Hi Doodle.
    Welcome to the community!
    check around the forums, and make yourself at home.
    If you need anything - perhaps a cold beer, or maybe a pack of smokes, You can always ask.

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