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    arsh intro

    Oh hai! Please excuse my nervousness... I've never been on camera before. Well I live in Illinois, my name is Devin, I'm 20 years old, I take classes, and I have big boobies and a nice butt. I got into this business because I had some troubles.... wait, this isn't pornsRus. Shit!

    All I gotsta say is I love everyone except most people, I use to have an ego problem but now I'm perfect, I'm not paranoid but everyone thinks I am, and h3adak3s are all in your mind!

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    Love ya arsh

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    arsh is the perfect in every way imaginable

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    Arsh, you know - your post makes me want to listen to Crazy Train - by Ozzy Osbourne.

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    I'm glad you took care of that ego problem. Now everything about you is welcomed and praised.
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