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    Bone's introduction

    Real name:
    Aruã Ramos Metello de Assis
    (i dont enjoy much anonimity as much as trolls do, because i like to have balls, short version is: anyone who does not have the courage to face me in person pretty much defines itself as a coward)
    -> the rest you can pretty much google it.

    bone is my nickname also in the meat-o-sphere, i am 1,84m in height and i weight 62kg. (yes, metric)

    Steam username: aruametello
    Minecraft username: uncle_bone
    Origin username: aruametello (although i dont play bf3 anymore, its my only game on origin)
    Facebook: none. (i dont have a complex social life, and i also dont see the need to fake one as a lot of ppl do)
    Last-fm: (musical taste, may be relevant)

    Greetings, i am a 29yo single brazilian that struggles with either latency (what makes the ns2diamonds as my favorite ns2 server) or with a horde of trolls that you could simply call "brazilians". (yes, the stuff about hehueehehuehue, gibe moni pls and "i report yu" are pretty much realistic)

    I also play tf2, although i havent in a while, but taking tf2 as an example i can safely argue that i am a team player by default (about 90% of playtime as a medic, and a very good one)

    played some minecraft, but mostly as the guy who "expected more" of the engine and some other stuff related to the project.

    you can also call me an "indie developer" that havent shipped his first game yet, although i got a part of the engine and a idea that worths money (also got funding but thats a different story) i am having a hard time to find willing artists (3d models and textures mostly) to work with me on this one.

    in programming i have a very deep orientation (and something you could call obsession) into what we can call "multi core optimization", long story short, i came with a lot of great ideas to run games better with the "massive multicore" that will be deployed in near future.

    i also enjoy inline skates in downhill scenarios. (what is not much popular in here, but i heard it is on some places of europe)
    Last edited by bone; 09-07-2013 at 06:24 AM. Reason: added some extra stuff, i was bored
    * I got goddamn capibaras walking in the campus of my university. (think giant hamsters)
    - the weird brazilian dude

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    Hire me! I'll texture and model whatever you want. Follow the link below to see my extensive portfolio of past works. I may be a little over-qualified but i'm all about helping the indie devs out. I start at no less than $80,000 US/year.

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