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    Red face Taclet

    Hello all, I've been a member of the forum for a little while now and decided to make my first post. I really enjoy playing on the DMD servers

    A little about me, I am 43 years old and live in the unheard of state of North Dakota. I was in the US Coast Guard for 10 years where I served in a special operations unit that operated in Caribbean, Central, and South America performing high risk narcotics seizures. Mostly flew over drug labs in South America and chased go fast boats on the water in the Caribbean Islands. This was all fun and great until I ruptured 2 of my vertebrae while fast roping from a helicopter. Military career was over at that time so I moved to Sweden with my wife. After 4 years we decided to move back to the States and I went to college after my surgeries and studied process plant technology. I now work for a global contract security corporation as an Operations Manager. This takes up a lot of my time but since I work odd hours I am online "relaxing" in the DMD servers or playing other games.

    I look forward to meeting more DMD members and others in the servers!

    P.S. I am normally not that horrible of a player but my ex wife took my gaming setup in the divorce so I now play on a laptop with wireless connection. Hopefully soon I'll budget in for the components for my new desktop rig.

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    glad you made your first post taclet. i enjoy playing on dmd server with you.

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    DAMN!!! Your older than me!!! Happy to see you on the servers

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