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    Hive Score

    Somebody asked me last night why my hive score was 58?? I dunno, seems low to me but I really don't know what makes up the hive score. Also is "X" supposed to bring up the stats at any time in the ready room? What is the option on the bindings called? I must have set it to something else.

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    not sure. but you can check yourself. just go into your appdata and temporarily rename the options.xml file - when you start ns2 next it'll create a new vanilla options.xml - you can look in there at the bindings.
    hope that helps
    there is also another xml in the ns2 installation folder I think

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    Found it

    I found it. Its the key for the voiceover menu if anybody needs.

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    My hive score has finally started to increase slowly.

    My hive score has finally started to increase slowly. I dunno what was holding it down.

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