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    Post So what goes on in the world of Rusty these days.

    Hello there guys and gals!

    It's just past 11am and I just finished some pancakes with that oh so delicious "Canadian maple syrups". But of course here we just call it "maple syrup"
    It's nice outside. A little rainy but glad that the snow is finally gone! That being said summer will come fast and with that the steam sale which I'm always excited for as it means new players will join our servers and it's up to me and my admin team to make those new players feel welcome and do our best to keep them playing the game in which we all love and cherish.

    Is it true that we're really getting an East Coast NS2 Server?

    This is the plan.
    East 1 will be open for all players. (Currently Stress Testing).
    West2 will be Rookie Only.
    West 3 will remain a Veteran server (50 hour minimum playtime). the server checks hive2 active playing time. NOT steam time.

    Things to note about the Steam Sale.

    Steam sales bring in rookies. Rookies who most likely have a favorite game such as CS:GO.
    It takes ONE passing thought for them to quit NS2 and never look back.

    We MUST bite our tongues at times. Encourage the rookies, Help them learn. Be PATIENT! I know how frustrating it can be but you must remember that NS2 is a revolving door meaning that each month we lose players but during steam sales we have the chance to gain new ones. Over time they'll get better but if you have a really tough time with them or find yourself getting frustrated - know that I completely understand and that's why West3 exists.

    NS2 - we lose a few, we gain a few.

    We need to also replace VIP members who have moved on from NS2. We must keep our numbers up! This alone keeps the community active and healthy. I am thinking of doing a rewards system to encourage people to assist with recruiting new VIP's. Perhaps a new custom skin for anyone who recruits fresh blood? Or maybe another badge slot?

    Dealing with Issues

    If there's any issues, message anyone with a BLUE diamond (admin) or Green Diamond (Moderator). (you can see them in the scoreboard) If you have an issue with a moderator or admin, then you message myself or WiseChoices. We'll need to know what server, what time, and what happened. I do encourage you to speak to admins/mods directly first though through steam privately to see if you can resolve whatever it is.

    What I hear when I'm away

    Lately I've been hearing a LOT about people trolling, I understand that everyone has their crap to deal with in real life. Just try to please keep that out of the servers.
    Negativity... Waaaaay too much. If you want to be negative - take your finger off of that mic button and move them to the ALT + F4 positions respectively.
    Politics. Keep it to a MINIMUM.
    Blaming the commander for a loss? Well this is acceptable at a BARE minimum level. Remember that people cannot forsee the future, and that people need to practice. They can't practice without playing live. Offer to guide them in the future as they command instead of bitching at them AFTER you lose. Sometimes people have different strategies. You don't know what will work or not work until it fails or succeeds. If the commander rushes sentries and they lose. The next time they command your game, ask them to please not use sentries. They should respect that as you've respected them. Otherwise vote eject is there for a reason.

    Captains Nights and Special Events

    I miss Captains nights. We created it many moons ago and other server communities followed our lead. It used to be ran by "Some Guy" twice a week from 6-7:30pm. PST
    You would have to reserve your spot in the calendar on the forums and it went generally well for a few years.
    I haven't found anyone recently really interested in running Captains Nights so if anyone has any leadership skill and would like to try running one on their own, I'd be happy to sit in and guide you through it. Captains nights are awesome times, fun times, and you get really awesome games this way. But until someone steps up to the plate and commits to a weekly schedule, it'll remain something that's just done "on the fly" in a pub server.

    Is it true that you're creating your own game?

    Yes, the rumors are correct. I'm developing a new game which doesn't afford me the luxury of being in our NS2 servers as much as I crave to play. That being said I've been sleeping really poorly lately as I have a LOT on my plate. Between taking care of the servers (with help from really awesome people such as WiseChoices and our incredible Admin team) and managing yet another growing team of artists, programmers, mappers, sound engineers, creative writers, (I'm building a pretty awesome game in the Unreal Engine that I hope you all love!) I also have my own business to attend to as a consultant and entrepreneur which has me doing a lot of really time consuming tasks at times. Sleep for me is - well. I'm glad I don't have kids!!

    Am I able to get involved in the new game?

    I'm always looking for good committed people. If you have any programming skills, web development, artwork, modelling, rigging, UE4 experience. Basically anything that you think could help with project Dusty; you are welcome to message me on steam to discuss.

    Anyways, that's about it.
    I wish you all a Happy Easter and look forward to seeing you on the server! Any questions, please PM me.

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