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    Lightbulb Which was the best?

    Out of all the CoD games which do you think was the best?

    Personally I think its CoD 4, because thats before all the shit got crazyyy.

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    I think it's pretty universally agreeable that CoD 4 was the best before things got batshit crazy and went downhill

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    We're just discussing the cover art right? Because after CoD2 I can't tell the difference when I see someone playing one of these, only thing that changes is the cover art.

    I'm jk. CoD deserves the success it has. They figured out how to keep the money flowing and that's what a business is about. They really are good games. I just refuse to play a hardcore FPS game with a... stick.

    So I guess #2 was my favorite since that's the last one I played.

    My roommate on the other hand loves that stuff literally screams when he plays. Easily the most annoying thing I've ever seen/heard. He complains about my music and TV being loud then plays CoD and screams nonstop into a microphone that's literally right in front of his mouth. He likes to say "You got scraped kid!!" over and over when he kills someone. Especially younger kids whom he constantly picks on with the same jokes of "Your mom this" and "Isn't it bedtime" crap, followed by the infamous overly obnoxious and obviously fake laugh which will drown out anything the little kid says back. That's the only game he plays and that's the only way he plays. Honestly, I think CoD has become a tool for assholes to be bigger assholes anonymously. So my roommate, the "gamer", is a great example why I never play these games and it makes me realize how important communities like this one is to the game industry. It scares me thinking that people like my RM are becoming the majority that big industry develop and market games for.

    Sorry to go on a rant but I'm bored at work and I don't want to make a new thread for my angry roommate problem post. Like I said, great/successful game, genius marketing, most disturbing and immature game community that's ever existed.

    EDIT: Also, what's up with this new one? All I heard about are dogs... correct me if i'm wrong but wasn't there a previous CoD with dogs? Are these new dogs just cooler than previous dogs. Doggy night visions goggles and C4 strapped to their bellies? Please, if someone has the time, explain to me the difference in all these games
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    ^^^ this. Your roomate is one of the main reasons I hate the game, and it really has nothing to do with the game itself. Easily the least mature gaming community in history.

    Yeah COD had dogs in previous ones. There is no difference between anything after CoD4 (Which I did like). Yay, the new one has RC cars with explosives and smart little paper airplanes that dive bomb people for easy kills, 15 different kinds of helicopters AND A NUKE! bleh. same shit, different maps. worth 60 bucks? totally. i'm ordering my copy after work today.....

    The new ones are called islamic jihad puppies btw. I know because I looked it up. online.
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    i play on play station 3 .. i enjoyed a lot really ..

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    For me it was Call of Duty: Ghost. It was not the best in terms of graphics and the online map was relatively small compared to other Call of Duty online maps, but the story and the comic detail was great and one of the best if not the best in Call of Duty franchise.
    I downloaded the game on Steam when its on sale.

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