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    Quote Originally Posted by Rusty View Post
    If you were banned, you probably did something to violate the rules. Explain why you got the ban, and how you will avoid it in the future. Or hold your ground and appeal it. Either way it's our choice but we are civilized people.
    I have no idea why I was banned. I went AFK for 2 minutes, came back and I was banned for like 6 months.

    Why did I get banned?

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    You were banned for trolling. Apparently you were intentionally blocking a phase gate. There were a lot of people complaining about it over mic and in chat.
    The ban wasn't set for six months, it was set for 5 weeks. If you want to have it lifted, please contact Hank Scorpio or Quantum Walrus. They were on your team at the time.

    Quantum Walrus:
    Hank Scorpio :


    [14:01:07]Chat from |-DMD-| Hank Scorpio[122336042][Marines]: trolling
    [14:01:07]Chat from Coller[97394039][Marines]: trol
    [14:01:08]Chat from Quantum_Walrus[46997359][Marines]: troll
    [14:01:09]Chat from |-DMD-| Rusty[1594000][Aliens]: ?
    [14:01:10]Shine reloaded users from the web.
    [14:01:10]Chat from |-DMD-| PSU001[38457356][Marines]: trolling
    [14:01:12]Chat from Roger Wilco[3138113][Spectate]: Get him out i'll join up
    [14:01:12]Chat from Quantum_Walrus[46997359][Marines]: blocking gate
    [14:01:14]|-DMD-| Rusty[1594000][Aliens] began construction of Hydra[1950].
    [14:01:16]|-DMD-| Hank Scorpio[122336042][Marines] began construction of PhaseGate[2100].
    [14:01:16]|-DMD-| Rusty[1594000][Aliens] began construction of Hydra[32].
    [14:01:17]|-DMD-| Rusty[1594000][Aliens] began construction of Hydra[2222].
    [14:01:17]ArmsLab[2679] was recycled.
    [14:01:18]|-DMD-| Rusty[1594000][Aliens] began construction of Hydra[2634].
    [14:01:19]|-DMD-| Rusty[1594000] banned HALAL SNACKBAR[131930] for 4 weeks, 6 days, 17 hours and 20 minutes.

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    hi this is 8121wang i got permanently banned from your server.
    i am rookie now because when this game launched i bought this game but my computer system doesn't fit its demands. so i quit to play it for a long time.
    so many years later i upgraded my CPU, GPU and many computer system. then i decided to play NS2 once more.

    i tried to find good ping server but there weren't that many. i accept the ping(like 150~200) and played on your server and i have showed the players decent play.
    but then players start to vote to kick me, because i was doing smurfing or so. i am not cheating, hacking, trolling, AFKing, i am just a innocent player that wants to remind good old days in NS1. i didn't even get a chance to give an explanation!
    i want you to know i am innocent, no hacking, no smurfing. i didn't even swear. even if i am a good aim player, that is not a smurfing at all. if you just call good aim player a smurf, then i should play not good aim? that doesn't make sense.

    please unban me so i can play more NS2 thank you.

    if you want to check my steam account, here it is:
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    I was banned permanently by Golden a year or two back. He did not give me a reason. Through the grapevine I heard that this had something to do with comments I made on the TA discord server. I'm not sure if that was accurate, and I'm not sure what it was that I said. At any rate, I have no interest in commenting on the server or the admins going forward. I'm just hoping to come back to ns2 after a long break and play some casual games.

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    Post Free The Pig

    Rusty permabanned me back in December and it's his server he can do what he wants. I only will apologize to the good people I have harmed with my abuse and give at least some reason for my actions. I could feel my mood getting worse and worse this winter, I live in a shit hole wasteland with no sun and sub zero temps and I wasn't doing the things I should have done to counteract it. Bad sleep for weeks and weeks plus the season and I lost it for a while there. I record all of my games and when I'm being a bastard I have to watch it later and I hate it. It's weakness plain and simple and I'm never gonna get an audience if every time I lose I turn into Hitler. I've had the best games of my life on diamond servers and really loved being a part of the community for many years. I deserve to be punished I know but forever is too long Rusty. The people want piggy back! Pig has changed! Pig is a new pig! Please Rusty, set me free.

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