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    Post NS2 cache cleaner app

    NS2's cache builds up over time and can cause a decrease in game performance. Deleting the files periodically can help speed up NS2. The cache files are stored in %APPDATA%\Natural Selection 2\cache. I've created a tiny little package that clears your cache. I've seen too many players tell Rusty it's not worth the trouble when he suggests clearing the directory. So... I've created a tiny package that clears your cache instantly!

    It's a self-extracting RAR archive with 2 files in it. A batch file that runs a small program called DirDel and points it to the NS2 cache directory.

    Tested on Windows 7 with Admin rights by default. Not tested on any newer Windows, yet. Let me know if it throws an error - if it does it will probably just close itself.
    Your AV software may try to quarantine the file. It's a false positive.
    MD5: 7b2f855850f84fed6dbc48dff5c8357d
    SHA-1 [160]: 2af23b7103b0b984fc33289cbbca741d54c200bd
    SHA-2 [256]: 504c7208097d46c29b2da67e65a88387b9865b307583a2d82c 8d35b4030c5509
    CRC32: da9068c9
    SizeHash-32: 0007abc1

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    Thanks sinistral. Handy tool for people to have.

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    Sinistral's SimpleClean.exe - adds a tool to clean up old Windows installer files, a shortcut to the built-in Windows Disk Cleanup tool, and the same great NS2 cache cleaner as before!
    MD5: d95a7e80a17634f21092eb7efe2401d3
    SHA-1 [160]: 338abd716a841bdad44ccd60a28196e7dc5d0ffc
    SHA-2 [256]: dd0d081d18114d912cf8dc72d6d88269c274a8e6e8372f42be e00c16a3edacdc
    CRC32: dc9e47c6
    SizeHash-32: 00088a1a

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