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    New NS2 Competitive Season Starting - Form a Team!

    Ya'll should start a competitive team! You've got some skilled players frequenting this server - get 6-8 of them together and try your hand at some competitive 6v6 matches.

    Some advantages of forming a team:

    - You can get into the ns2 "scrim" scene, allowing you to frequently play high level games against top teams. Best way to rapidly improve.

    - Once you're plugged into the ns2 comp scene, you can usually find highly skilled players to give advice and perhaps drill with you. Second best way to rapidly improve.

    - Despite what you may have heard, most comp players are genial, mature individuals who are lots of fun to play with. (A few trolls may have given the group a bad rep.)

    - Games are played using a competitive mod which fixes many of the balance problems currently in vanilla.

    - You get to play some of the most intense and rewarding ns2 matches available.

    - It's really not a huge time commitment: You typically play four rounds on a Saturday or Sunday each week or so during the season.

    Here's the link:

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    Thanks Hobbes. Go ahead and advertise it in the server if you like as well. You can post on the steam group page too. Would be good to get a team I agree. I don't have time myself, but I'd love to see a DMD team

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