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    Smile Desktop widgets for the DMD servers (inside this thread)!

    Here are two desktop widgets that (should) launch you right into the servers.

    Name:  dallas2.png
Views: 373
Size:  6.4 KB Name:  dallas3.png
Views: 211
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    Dallas2 and Dallas3 examples.

    Windows introduced desktop Gadgets in Vista and then Microsoft later removed the feature through a Windows 7 update because they could be used maliciously, so if you're on Windows 8 or higher they've already been disabled. You can restore the functionality using 8GadgetsPack (have used) or Gadgets Revived (have not tried). You can also install one of those two programs on Windows 7 to re-enable the Gadgets sidebar if it was disabled.

    When the sidebar is functional you can double-click the files and they'll install. You can right-click on the desktop and select Gadgets to bring up the menu (on Windows 7 anyway). They don't look absolutely perfect but it's the best I can do with what GameTracker gives. Subscribe to this thread for updates, and let me know if you use them and function correctly!

    Download them here -> DMD widgets

    Note: These refresh every minute to keep up to date - just a warning if you're capped at 2.5 GB a month.
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