Hello Diamonds!,

If you have any issues, please open the scoreboard in NS2. You can see who's a Mod, Admin, etc.

Green Diamond - Mod
Blue Diamond - Admin
Red Diamond - Admin w/ restart ability
Silver Diamond - VIP
Gold Diamond ( Top 10 playtimes each month )

VIP Commands.

!rave - starts a rave in the readyroom or on the map before or after game.
!sound dance, dosomething, better, ayumi, nancy (!sound dead) in chat will play "I see dead people".
!spray (stand facing a wall)

To set your skins
Press Escape and go to "Customize Player". From here you can select your skins ranging from rifle skins to onos skins. There are about 50 to choose from.
You can also click "Manage Badges" from this screen. You should have three custom badges loaded. (click a badge and drop the mouse pointer into the slot to activate it)
Badge Slot 1: Silver Diamond,
Badge Slot 2: Your choice.
Badge Slot 3 Duck (auto-levels each month),
Badge Slot 4: Slushie (who doesn't like a good brainfreeze?),

Happy Ns2ing.