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    Post Server Information

    Hello Diamonds!,

    If you have any issues, please open the scoreboard in NS2. You can see who's a Mod, Admin, etc.

    Green Diamond - Mod
    Blue Diamond - Admin
    Red Diamond - Admin w/ restart ability
    Silver Diamond - VIP
    Gold Diamond ( Top 10 playtimes each month )

    VIP Commands.

    !rave - starts a rave in the readyroom or on the map before or after game.
    !sound dance, dosomething, better, ayumi, nancy (!sound dead) in chat will play "I see dead people".
    !spray (stand facing a wall)

    To set your skins
    Press Escape and go to "Customize Player". From here you can select your skins ranging from rifle skins to onos skins. There are about 50 to choose from.
    You can also click "Manage Badges" from this screen. You should have three custom badges loaded. (click a badge and drop the mouse pointer into the slot to activate it)
    Badge Slot 1: Silver Diamond,
    Badge Slot 2: Your choice.
    Badge Slot 3 Duck (auto-levels each month),
    Badge Slot 4: Slushie (who doesn't like a good brainfreeze?),

    Happy Ns2ing.

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    DMD Server Rules

    Welcome to !
    First off, we want everyone to have a good time and we understand that there are moments which we as individuals feel the need to express our thoughts, disagree with others, or come out and just say whatever is on our mind. In order to facilitate this, and to not disrupt the flow of the server, we’ve created a set of rules. We are only doing this to ensure people have a good time on our servers. It doesn’t mean that if someone breaks the rules we’ll take action. But it does say we reserve the right to take action if we deem necessary. Other than that - please enjoy the DMD Experience!


    Commander Guidelines:

    Recycling your base is ok, but only if it’s part of game strategy and mitigates a risk of losing.
    Cysting too far out from your hive early game can cause you to lose valuable resources. Only cyst where needed.
    Don’t drop more than two structures in base at the start of the game. Doing so can really affect your early tech.
    Please don’t spam your mic or give “play by play” remarks. Remember your teammates need to hear their enemies in proximity to them. They cannot hear the skulk if you’re yelling crap into the mic Keep your communication to an absolute minimum to get the job done..
    If you don’t have a microphone, please ask your team if it’s ok for you to command the team without a microphone.
    Although it is important to listen to the commander, is is equally important to listen to your skilled players on the field. It is a team based game, therefore the commander and the field players must work together.

    Mic/text Rules:

    At the start of the game, all mics must be OFF except the commanders. Use your microphone as little as you can throughout the game, but of course, call out stuff when you see it.

    At the end of the game, please try and avoid belittling others. We know commanders make mistakes, We know sometimes a team is over powered, We know there’s a million variables that can change the game in an instant. We’re all here to have fun. If you feel that you need to “defend yourself” - suck it up big guy! But remember. It’s against the rules to harass anyone!

    Important Rules:

    DO NOT MIC SPAM! This includes pre-game, post-game, and during game. Sure you might think that boasting about the pringles political party is important, but to the dietician players, - they might take offence.

    Do NOT talk about politics for hours on end. Seriously? People are here to play NS2, not debate how big their can is.

    Do NOT chip away at the feelings of others. When you know someone is upset and they drop a remark. Don’t reply. Drop it! Let it go! Because if an admin gets a complaint - it could be seen as harassment. So if someone says “drop it” - make sure you “drop it! “

    Do NOT troll other players - either during game, or after the game. This includes telling people how much they suck. If you feel someone should not be commanding, you can vote eject pre-game, or ask an admin/mod to put a restriction on that player for commanding for X time.

    Do NOT harass or bash other players. This goes without saying.

    Do NOT promote racism or hate towards any type of sexuality or religion.

    Do NOT rage quit over and over again abandoning your team. If you don't want to play, don't play at all. If you need a break that's fine but don't make it an issue.

    Do NOT run any lag tools, hacks, exploits, etc.

    Do NOT start a map vote during game. The vote is available as a feature, please don't abuse it.

    Not treated fairly?
    We have a solid Administration team available if there are issues in game. This team has a set of policies and procedures to follow as outlined below. These rules are now set public in order for us to also hold them accountable to remove any feelings of being “singled out”.
    If there are any issues with the rules, of if you feel you are not treated fairly, please contact one of the server operators (below).

    Administrator Rules

    When the server starts to become the enlightenment of a TV producers thoughts for the next “Judge Judy” - it might be time to pull the plug. De-escalate EVERYTHING - as much as possible. Take control of the conversation and direct it in such a way that entertains everyone! Not just 74 year old coronation street junkies.

    Breaking the rules?

    If you see someone breaking a rule that deems malicious intent, WARN that player before taking any action against them except in extreme cases such as a player connecting, recycling base, and then disconnecting. Things like this there is no time / need for a warning as it’s quite obvious they have no care on if they get a permanent ban or not.

    Kicked without warning?

    Blatantly kicking someone w/o warning (remember admins… chat logs are your friend!) is considered admin aboose. If you have to take action, please let the rest of the server know why you did it as briefly as you can(remember a game could be in progress) so they can see we are proactive in dealing with trolls / toxicity.

    Bad call by the admin?

    If you feel that an admin could handle a situation better, or if you think you were not treated fairly, please contact one of the administrators listed below. We can speak to you one on one to hear you out. We are ALWAYS interested to hear feedback towards our admin team as we want to make sure we have the right people in the right places.


    Thank you for listening and respecting the Diamond servers~


    Feedback / Suggestions are always appreciated!

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    H?i dáp 24 - N? có nên t?p ng?c không ? v* nên t?p ng?c trên hay du?i ?

    Facebook :

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    Sau 2 thang su dung Lipo6 thi co nen su dung dot mo tiep khong ?
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    CN1: 370/20 Hoa Hao, P5, Q10, HCM
    Hotline: 090.666.0615
    CN2: 6/4 duong so 3, Cu x&aacute; Lu Gia, P15, Q11, HCM
    Hotline: 089.808.1199

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