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    So I just bought a server from Blue Fang and am running several of the mods you are. It is located in NYC and is 16 players but I'm trying to bump it to 20.
    I was hoping if I gave the DMD team admin and everything on my server they could help out with the setup and moderation because I love playing on the DMD servers but my latency is not that good because I am on the east coast.

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    Well 25 views of my post later and nobody has responded...

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    Hi Cpjet,

    I normally reply, but it's pretty busy around my neck of the woods, and I think most people are on vacation atm.

    I don't think you can run a server with 20 slots on the machines they offer you. Find out what kind of processor they are using.
    So your looking to basically rent the server, and have it as an East Coast DMD server? I'm thinking that's what your saying.

    What is your ping to the Dallas server, and who's your provider? - Also what's your location?
    I'm in Ontario Canada (East) and I get about 64 solid.

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