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    Commanded many Eager New players to victory today!

    Had a blast today on Diamond NS2 noob server.

    Haven't played in years but came back and commanded multiple games for the marines and aliens! Just wanted to say HI and Hello! Im looking to be a part of a strong community

    Had a ton of fun so decided to register to DiamondGamers. Let me know if your interested in a mature 28 year old, just wanting to play ns2 and teach newer players the game.

    Ive admin-ed multiple servers for a few different clans a few years ago when the game was more popular. I love the game, Thank you for the strong server!

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    Not much of a community here yet ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by waflz View Post
    Not much of a community here yet ?
    Hi waflz.
    We're here. Well some of us. I think we need to get on Twitter or something

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    Hi waflz!

    Congratulations on your victories as a commander! I know how hard they can be to earn.

    I hope to see you on the servers if I haven't already, and if you happen to see me, do feel free to give a shout-out!

    Also, welcome to Diamond Gamers!

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    The pros are here! And it must have been quite a change for you coming back to NS2 after some time!

    Congrats on your victories! I guess you could say I'm a vet - recently passed 1,000 hours! I'm still afraid to command with the all the pressure.

    I suggesting signing up for VIP (it's awesome) and messaging Rusty if you want to be a server admin!

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