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    Post Map Issues/Glitches/Bugs

    I was playing on NS2_Mineshaft earlier today and, while playing the game, a Gorge sat above the Operations CC on the ledge above the windows. As he made Babblers, the Babblers would fall through that part of the map and rain down upon the Marine base.

    The Babblers didn't do much, but they did provide a constant nuisance to the Marine players, while also destroying mines placed around the base to deter Alien players.

    This was the first time I have seen this glitch, and requested the individual cease doing so in the future.

    As I find these types of issues, I'll be sure to update this thread and keep it well informed on such discrepancies.

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    Ok thanks,

    Although I can only iterate your findings back to the developers. What I can do is take the bugs, balance issues etc. and apply them to DMD versions of the vanilla maps
    I do appreciate the post! Keep them coming!

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    Well lucky you Rusty! I found a possible issue with NS2_DMD_Refinery.

    The mobile bridge bit appears to have a bit of a trap, and it's incredibly hard to get stuck there, but once stuck you can't get out unless you kill yourself. This is especially problematic for Marines with Jetpacks or Higher Lifeforms.

    (Sorry in advanced for the large images.)

    The red circle indicates the entrance to the small pocket that is closed off when the bridge is on the other side. Once inside, there is no way out.

    Though this doesn't provide a lot of issue, as the bridge is used often enough for a stuck individual to escape easily enough, should a Jetpacker or Fade get cornered there, there is no way to evade death after being released.

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    Hi Chief,

    Thanks for pointing this out. We'll take a look at it and get that repaired.

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    I was sad to hear about the glitch you are facing. I think you should visit as they have all the related information related to this glitch.

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