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Thread: Quick Intro

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    Quick Intro

    Whats up everyone! New to NS2, about 4 days, and loving it already.

    Longtime TFC player, since 1999. Played a fair amount of CS 1.5 as well back then. Just picked up gaming again 2 years ago after a 8 year break...

    Fellow TFC player intro'd me to this over past weekend, and been loving it.

    Looking forward to playing more over the coming weeks.


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    Hey Kool_Guy_RyanN.

    I must say - interesting name
    Welcome! Glad to see I'm not the only one who remembers those awesome games! haha

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    Thanks for the intro and tips! Name has a good story to it, can share another time. A friend chose it for me as you cant be "Player" in TFC or CS.

    Enjoying pubbing on the diamond servers, great crew of folks.


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