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    New Map, looking for testers! NS2_Centrifuge

    Hey everyone, I'm not a regular here but I frequently play on the DMD NS2 servers. I've recently made a custom NS2 map and am looking to get it tested. I know that DMD is one of the servers that plays a lot of custom maps, so I thought this might be a good place to post.

    The map is called Centrifuge and takes place in an underwater marine biology laboratory. The map is currently in the late alpha stage. I know a lot of people in the NS2 community don't like to play undeveloped maps, so I spent as much time as I could to get the map to a stage of high playability with textured rooms, lighting, and in some cases full prop placement. What currently remains to be tested is the overall balance of the map. Do rooms feel balanced? Is it particularly pro-alien or pro-marine? Are there any rooms or choke points that offer one side a massive advantage?

    Assuming there are no major map changes that need to be made, in the coming weeks I'll be finalizing textures and lighting to make sure that every area has its own unique feel.

    Hope you guys enjoy the map! As always, comments and criticisms are highly valued!

    Centrifuge On Steam Workshop

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    Fixed an issue just now where people weren't able to load the map up properly. If anyone has tried to load it, sorry about that. Should be fixed now! Let me know if you have any problems

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    I'll give it a download and look through it, it definitely looks well made from the pictures you've uploaded!

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