Hey I was wondering if any admin or some1 can get back to me because for some reason I can't play on the server anymore I used to play all the time on your guises servers I know there was some issue last time I played but I don't think i should be banned for it if that is even the case the whole thing was me and about six other my friends that I just bought the game for hopped on an empty server to test it out and get a feel for the game it said new friendly server but shortly after we got in a couple of admin's got on or just some people being jerks demanding we do things their way so we left and actually started her own server I haven't really played this game since then but I tried to get on today with a few of my friends that got the game over Christmas break and it says server full or I've been banned well according to steam the server is not full I've refreshed it several times so why am I banned I just want to play as long as I can it's been one of my favorite games unfortunately it seems it is dying out