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    Kainzor Here

    Hey, some of you might remember me since I've been playing on your guys server prob everynight for 3 days now straight and it has been really fun, I haven't been playing much since or well... NS2 was on Alpha haha and back then the game was reaaaally laggy and buggy but it's all changed now and it makes me want to play this game again. I've been a huuuge fan of the NS community ever since I was a little boy and you could always say that NS1 was probably the best gaming experience that I have ever lived, I met fun people and such and became with good friends with allot of them even though I was only 8 years old with a shitty laptop hahaha, but oh well it has been freaking 12 years now, I'm 20 and now I just realise how freaking old I am and it just makes me feel sad that I get this "I grow up too fast" feeling now... So now I am here at least and started to re-live the newer version of Natural Selection 2 and I wish to have same good friends as I did back in the old days so let's all just get along and have a great unforgettable fun time in the future >.> !

    Thanks and see you in game!
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    Hi Kainzor!

    Glad your liking our servers! I haven't been in NS2 much this week myself as I'm currently working on a large project. But Welcome to DMD
    You can put the [DMD] tag on if you like.

    And as always - feel free to get VIP and support our servers. VIP comes with 40 custom skins. 108 badges, and a reserved slot. It would be great having you with us!

    See you in game!

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