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    Steam key giveaway (crosspost)

    Steam key giveaway

    I'm giving VIP members double entries. Therefore, post here not in the other thread.

    Will draw at 4 pub entries and 4 VIP entries

    Currently 2* of 4 pub entries and 0 of 4 VIP entries. So total entry count will be 12 (unless there's a flood of entries).

    *Rusty gets 1 vote in the public thread because he's got enough games!

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    Am I the only one to post in here? Do I win by default ;]

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    Haha! I was actually going to choose a winner yesterday (from the other entries in my Main Forum thread). Lucky you!

    Since the turnout didn't go as I had hoped everyone wins! I'm going to give a smaller weight to VIP members than as originally intended because otherwise it wouldn't be very fair. As soon as the RNG gods decide on a winner I'll PM them here & add them on Steam and let them have first pick out of the prize pool.

    This thread has 440 views and one reply, Diamonds. Perhaps I need to figure out some kind of integration. :/
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    Congrats to all the winners!

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    More contest!

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