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    VIP Prices

    Hello, been playing NS2 for quite some time with a big break in between joining the Air Force. I've been playing DMD servers quite a bit so I joined up and looked into purchasing the VIP package... but dang. It's quite a bit of money for a convenient perk and it's scaring me off. Just thought I'd ask, are there ever sales or anything?

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    Hi ShadowSkulkerer,

    Thanks for posting! That's a great question!
    VIP cost is only 12/mo, but if you get a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription - it's even cheaper. We don't normally put VIP on sale unless we have 10+ available slots. ( we only have 2 slots left at the moment ).
    NS2 is a 32 bit application, so it caps at 3GB/ram. NS2 has a LOT of memory leaks - and as such that 3GB fills up pretty fast. So DMD basically offers 100% dedicated servers - built specifically for NS2 with specialized ram, correct (non-shared) processing power and a 1gbit dedicated! network to ensure a smoother gaming experience over those standard slot rentals you get from 3rd party providers. In the end it's costly, I'm left paying about $450/mo out of pocket after donations are calculated. so that's why I don't have random sales on VIP.

    Also, to let you know, we're constantly putting in thousands of hours of work in creating new content, improving, and maintaining. We currently have four NS1 maps in re-construction from the ground up for NS2. These maps contain all of the awesome features you saw in NS1 ( if you played ) and will have elevators, weldable vents, breakable glass, and other awesome features. Each map takes approximately 1300+ hours and that's why DMD has it's own mapping team.

    So Shadowskulkerer, I hope this gives you a little insight into what DMD offers NS2 wise, and if you'd like to get VIP and become fully patched in as a DMD member, we'd love to have you!


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    Sadly I never played NS1. I think at the time that came out we were just starting to experience video games when we got a PS2 for Christmas. We didn't have video games from the get go. BTW isn't NS2 64bit now, or is that just something to do with the CDT which I don't understand? I don't even really fully understand what the CDT is. But thanks for the reply. It's a fair chunk of change but I think it looks worth it to me as I really love this game.

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    Thank you! You will love the reserved slot. It's gold! You can go ahead and put on the |-DMD-| tag if you wish.
    The CDT is the community development team. Basically UWE abandoned NS2 in an "unfinished but playable" state. It had issues galore. (not as bad now) The CDT is made of entire volunteers

    You can see the status of the CDT here - to follow up with what's going on in terms of improvements that are being worked on.

    Thank you again for your support, and we'll see you in game!

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