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    ENSL Newcomer Tournament Interest?

    Greetings all! Some of you may know me from In Game. I'm the grouchy and reluctant commander, or the grouchy and irritable field-comm.

    Anyway, I'm seeding the thoughts for interest an ENSL newcomer tournament. There's been a few changes in staffing recently, and the new people in charge are looking to reassure the community that they're not going away. One of them was asking me if I knew of anyone interested in being a part of an upcoming Newcomer Tournament.

    Naturally, with DMD being one of the bigger remaining communities I figured I'd pitch the idea here.

    It's standard 6v6 Competitive with CompMod format. There's a few gameplay changes but overall they're not too different anymore and it's super easy to just pick up from a pub background. The 6v6 format is a big change from pubs, but it presents a lot of interesting dynamics that make it a lot of fun, especially since you get to know your teammates pretty well.

    The tournament is currently slated for Sept. 19-20 (One weekend only). There's no official post as of yet but there might be one tomorrow.

    I figured that as a group you guys could either form a team and play together for the fun of it, or else express interest and they'll be creating teams too. I could list off a few more perks like how more people will get to know the DMD name and how cross-pollenation is a good thing for a small community, but you guys already know these things.

    Anyhow, I'll just leave this here and see you guys in game!

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    Here's the Google Form if you guys are interested:

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    I've asked him to post the content on this thread, It's valid. I encourage anyone who'd like to start competitive play to sign up. There's good guys running the show at the moment, and although things are still being ironed out, I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun!

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    Hmm. I was about to post this as I'm interested and already signed up.

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