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    Server Guidelines

    Hi Guys...

    I haven't been around much in game as I'm swamped with creating new content for us.
    I have been reviewing the logs however, and there's a few things that I'm seeing more frequently now that I'd like to address.

    First and foremost - there are users bashing commanders. Calling them noobs, and dumb rooks, and all that other stuff. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. ....
    "Example " [02:05:23]Team Chat from *****[67****9][Marines]: s### f###### commander - f###### n#gg# ass b#### "
    No-one appreciates this - and although yes - players might be noobs, rooks, trolling etc. But no-one deserves to be put down. We play games to relieve stress from life - not add to it.
    I understand that at times frustration can get the best of us. - And I'll let things slide. But if things are repetitive- ... You get the chainsaw! (hammer is obsolete )

    So please guys.. I challenge you to be productive in being assertive against the asshats you see. ( politely ) If I ban them ( which I probably will ) - I'll see your text right next to it, and I don't want them coming back to the server - appealing their ban - simply because you replied to their negativity by saying " Have some F****ing Respect A**hole.


    The other issues are stacking. I know - it's so incredibly hard to NOT stack when you run a shuffle system that does stack. It sucks. But there's no way around it.
    No matter how you program this game's shuffle system - it stacks. So I'm thinking that we keep KDR as it works well for the most part, but we also have a few ambassador's kicking around.

    These ambassadors would have access to move people from one team to another AFTER shuffle has taken place. These people would have to be fair - and not stack their own team.
    This way at the very least - if teams are uberly stacked - someone is always around to help even things out a bit. ( I could just shut it off - but would that really work ? )

    ----- Shuffle system now has no re-votes. Time is cut to 35 seconds from 60 seconds ---- If no map is voted. Expect a random map to load. ------
    Anyways that's it for now.
    Oh and the server crashing. Yes, we know. CDT is working on a solution. IT's a bug in the server engine. Nothing I can do about it but wait.
    I have the server running in debug mode which prevents about 95% of the crashes, but it'll still go down every 24-48 hours.

    If you want to be an ambassador, please let me know below. ( Anyone can apply )
    *** Update .. I need four Mods as well for early mornings - and late nights ( ESDT )


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    This post was more than due, especially given the recent behavior from a lot of people in addition to the past three days consisting of nothing but pretty horribly stacked teams. I think this whole Ambassador thing you're setting up is a step in the right direction and it definitely can't hurt having people who are familiar with the playerbase in a position where they can help keep teams even.

    That said, I volunteer as tribute.
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    I'll watch out for this and let you know if it happens. And who

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    Now that you say it, I have noticed some negative chat against commanders. I think that's particularly troubling, because most of the best players don't like to command. Wouldn't you prefer it if more people knew how to command, so you could continue to play the field, I tend to think...

    If there's anything I can do to help, like switch teams etc to even it out, I will do so! It'd be extra helpful if the very good players also did this.

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    Better games tonight I thought. The Shuffle system needs some tweaking ,but the games were much more balanced and more focused.

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    I'm interested in becoming an anbassador. ))

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    Ambassador, you say?

    I'm your Huckleberry ....

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