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    Ladies, Mentlegen,

    Hello. Fill me in on current DMD projects, NS2/CDT development, juicy gossip, behind the scenes info, etc.

    Also thinking of making a team. Eastern Standard Time. I currently work 7 nights straight then have 7 days off.


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    zOMG - that's a request. I have to run, so I'll keep it brief.

    CDT is creating three new game-modes. They are yet to be announced. The next patch is coming in about a week, so we'll see.
    CDT is converting NS2 from 32 bit to 64 bit ( which could cause it's own problems. :/ ) But the upside is nice!
    DMD is creating the NS1 reboot on the classic server. Dragon created the mod, and Avoca is assisting with the mechanics. I'm doing the textures, lighting, detailing, and geometry.
    NS_Hera is completed, however I still have to finish the textures, lighting, and detailing.
    NS_Nancy has geometry nearly completed. Texturing, lighting, and detailing are a current WIP. Mechanics . weldable doors are in, but not wired to function as of yet.
    Our Siege server is up and running. We need people to start seeding this.
    Dallas1 is crashing a lot. There's no reason for it. This is a scripting error in the Linux kernal of the NS2 build. I'll need to run GDB to track the error, and get that info to the CDT so they can write a patch. Apparently it's a known issue, but there's no fix to date. The server is supposed to auto-restart on crash, but it's not. I don't have the time to investigate, however there are 8 specific people with restart access. More access is available to mature people on request.

    DMD tournament date was originally June 06th. We don't have enough players to run it as of yet. So we've postponed it until July. I am hoping people will form teams, as I can't do all the work messaging people, etc. etc.
    Dedicated Server is running perfect. I'm debating putting up one or two additional gameservers for another game. I'm looking at ARK. However there is no linux server builds as of yet.

    Senpai Robot is running Captains on Thursday nights. 7 - 9 pm EDST atm.
    Sandcat is running Friday nights captains night. 10pm - 12am EDST
    Monday night Captains night, "Some Guy" was running, until he moved out into the woods. I am currently looking for a replacement.

    New Captains mod is nearly complete. It's installed on the Captains server, but is not active. I want to be present when we run it incase there are issues. It works as such.
    M > Vote Captains. on pass : puts all players into RR and locks teams.
    when two players are !captain - it places those two captains randomely on a team.
    captains can now type /player playername to bring player from RR to their team.
    After 5 minutes.. The mode disengages and is ready for next round.
    Problem : You can /pick the other captain. This will break the game, so please do not do it until we can patch it.

    Let's see. what else.
    fflam is finishing the programming of the latest ns2: combat patch ( the final polished version ) That's great and all, but there's no players. So perhaps a NS2: Combat night every two weeks? Most of us own it I'm sure.
    4horsemen is finished designing the new railgun sentry turret. It looks pretty sweet.
    website is currently horrendous ( ) and the forums need a 2D artist. They are searching for one.

    NS2 is looking for playtesters again. ( update - not anymore. they took 2 NA PT's and the rest were all german. The EU. Playtest team is comprised 100% german )
    UWE may not see anything in working with the ENSL guys anymore. "Zefram" is no longer running ENSL. Pelagir has taken his place.
    DMD Forums are running well, but we need more posts, I'd like to get the forums more active, however I need some feedback / suggestions on how to do this.

    That's about it.

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