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    NS2: Classic (NS1 Reboot)

    Hello Everyone,

    So we're doing a reboot of NS1. That means electrified res nodes. Onos devour, Focus fades, HMG, heavy armor, primal scream, No alien commander. No power nodes, No macs or drifters, etc. etc. It's a lot of fun. Oh and weldable doors, elevators, .. ( can't forget those honorable mentions )

    ns_hera is playable on our new classic server. we're currently working with Avoca and he's in the process of doing ns_nancy.
    Bast is on hold as a large portion of bast is underwater, and we have no idea how to program submersible marines. eeeps!

    Anyways, how would you guys feel about a classic night : saaaaay once a week? Perhaps on a Sunday night?
    Also - what other ns1 maps do you want to see? Currently it's hera and nancy. Tell me what's next?

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    Nancy would be great! So far so good on the classic server boss. A classic night would be awesome, but those of us who can't predict our work schedules might have to be fill-ins

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