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    H3adak3's Entro

    Hello everyone im H3! My real name is Trevor, you can call me by either. I love games but not as much as my passion for baseball. As you will notice i will most likely be off on weekends and with school starting back up, you know the drill. But i promise to be on the server as much as possible and minecraft! Love the community and glad to say i was one of the first to join it. Have loved it ever since and i love the growing population base. If you have any questions feel free to add me on steam. P.S. Me and chewwy are lovers.

    Add me on steam!
    First listen, then understand, then seek to be understood.

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    And he's the guy that is supposed to be having our captain's nights on <nudge nudge>

    Baseball is great. I love watching it on TV. You know when all the women take off their clo... oh wait - Baseball. right right.
    Yeah - great sport. But they really need to have four periods instead of three.

    Go Sens Go !! Oh and glad you're still around

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