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    How to post your music

    I just finished hacking the software a bit.
    When you create a post. You'll see a music note in the editor. Click it.
    You will see {MP3 PLAYER}{/MP3 PLAYER} appear.

    Put the path to the MP3 file within it.


    The Result

    You can get the links by going to
    find the song you like.
    Right click the DOWNLOAD button - select "Copy Link Address" and then paste it {MP3 PLAYER} Here {/MP3 PLAYER}

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    I haven't had much success using this method with anything. Could you please add the ability to embed SoundCloud files when posting. This would be my preferred method of posting music and I use SoundCloud alot. I'm pretty sure one can find anything they want to hear on there and plus it looks cooler IMO lol!

    Please please please, I'd really appreciate it Mr. Rusty

    Here's a link I found that explains the BB code:

    EDIT: I would have made this a PM but I figured other people could weigh in if they wanted to
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    We would love to see your graphics

    Our forum is not designed to hold graphics so we hope for players to post links to other sites holding graphics.

    Please post here your system for putting graphics up on the web so we can link them from our forum

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