Hey guys,

So Chicago has run fine for us for a long time, but this past month we've had some network problems. I believe the Datacentre is being DDOS attacked, so the odd red plug comes up.
However - while they work on their network, I've purchased another high-end server for us in Dallas. We had it for about two weeks as a trial, and I just completed negotiations today, so we'll be signing on with them full term.

If you see any issues with the Dallas server, please let me know below. Also if you have anything good to say about the server - I'd love the feedback too.

As always, we've got the server optimized. Someone connected from Ireland with a 140 ping today. That was pretty impressive to say the least.
Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the new box, and if you want another server ( Gmod, etc. ) Let me know. My only condition is that if you want me to put up a server - you need to be willing to play - and help seed it.

Love ya guys!