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    ASX - ( Advanced Semiconductor Engineering )

    James Buchanan was a boring president. He was so boring, he was a bachelor. I mean come on now, if you’re the president of the United States and can’t find a wife, you must be pretty boring.
    All he did was read, and listen to news talk radio. He never went out, listened to music, watched tv, or did anything other than ... be bored.

    But you know what guys.. Sometimes being a boring person isn’t a bad thing. The same holds true for boring companies. You all know about Apple, Google, Facebook, and Tesla. But there are much more boring companies out that there that just make money, quarter after quarter, year after year. The best thing about them is that they are cheap...and they pay a dividend. How about a stock that is up 50% on the year, has a PE of 15, has a 2% dividend and is only 7 bucks a share. Interested?

    On Friday I bought (ASX) Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. at 7.20 a share. I will sell it in 4 to 6 weeks at 8.38. Here’s why I like ASX:

    It all starts with the chart…which is awesome:

    Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. provides semiconductor packaging and testing services in the United States, Taiwan, Asia, and Europe. The company offers packages, such as flip-chip ball grid array (BGA), flip-chip CSP, advanced chip scale packages, and IC wirebonding packages; 3D chip packages; stacked die solutions in various package types, such as stacked die quad flat no-lead, hybrid BGAs containing stacked wire bond, and fc die; and copper wire bonding solutions, as well as module assembly services, and interconnect materials. Its testing services comprise front-end test engineering testing, wafer probing, logic/mixed-signal/RF/module SiP/discrete final testing services, memory final testing services, other test related services, and drop shipment services. The company also provides electronics manufacturing services for use in a range of end-use applications, such as computers, peripherals, communications, industrial applications, automotive electronics, and storage and server applications. It offers package and testing services for a range of products with end-use applications in the communications, computers, consumer electronics, industrial, and automotive sectors. The company was founded in 1984 and is based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

    They offer the best design manufacturing services for IC packaging, IC substrates, IC testing and systems. ASX acts as an extension of their customers' own operations in achieving the maximum business objectives with minimum resources.

    Boring? Pretty much. In fact I fall asleep just reading the job description of this company. Having said, that ASX is the largest independent provider of packaging and testing services in the world. In its recent quarterly filing the company increased their revenues by 18% year-over-year. Diluted earnings per share for the quarter were up 50%
    The company has been chosen for packaging the Apple Watch’s S1 processing module, which will be a significant benefit to revenues. Packaging operations accounted for 83% of the company’s net revenue as of 4QFY14. WOOT!

    By being boring, ASX flies under the radar. They don’t mine for gold, instead they sell the shovels to the miners. ASX is not a chip designer, just a manufacturer. They don’t need to come up with the next big thing. They just find out who has it, and provide services for it. Advanced Semiconductor’s diverse business makes it a stable player for the long haul. That’s why they can pay a 2% dividend.
    One nice aspect of Advanced Semiconductor Engineering’s business is that it’s globally diversified. Customers in the U.S. account for about half of ASX’s sales. ASX has more than 200 customers around the world; a cornucopia of who’s who in the tech world. ASE maintains a highly experienced and skilled engineering team that continuously research and develop the very latest in assembly technologies.

    Taiwan, an island of 23 million people, is the world’s biggest chip maker. The industry generated about $63 billion in sales here last year — more than one-fifth of the global total, according to the Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association. Made-in-Taiwan chips are major components in many of the world’s PCs, smartphones, cameras and other gadgets.

    It turns out that 2014 was the best year ever for ASE group. In 2014, worldwide semiconductor has grown 7.9% including Logic and Memory. During the same timeframe ASE Group revenue has grown 8%. Over 10 years, the ASE Group net profits have also shown a long term steady growth. For the last three years the ASE Group has grown revenue, net margins as well as the net margin percentage and a income. In 2015, they are likely to announce a few new products. For 2015, there will be a continued growth pattern and market share gain. Everyone thinks the market will grow by 5%, and they will outperform the market. So, what’s not to like?
    The company thinks “market share will gain will gain and will continue to maintain a strong rebound in Q2 followed by sequential growth quarter-on-quarter which my CFO warn me not to say that, but I feel pretty confident. We should see quarter-on-quarter growth. “

    A number of other ANAL-ysts have issued the recommendation and price target on the shares of company. They say it’s going to be $0.57/share on earnings of $9.62 billion. Now, I don’t want to shock anyone, but I think the ANAL-ysts actually have it right this time. It’s just that the market hasn’t caught up to this company yet, because it’s just too boring to follow.

    If you take the projected earnings of $0.57/share and multiply it by the existing PE of 15.49, you get a share price of $0.57 x 15.49 = $8.83, which is past my selling target. Either way, I am confident that, given the new Apple business, they’ll beat these estimates handily and what we have is another boring layup.

    It won’t be flashy and spectacular Darryl Dawkins Chocolate Thunder from the Planet Lovetron backboard shattering slam dunk – but you know what? It will be two points just the same.

    Yes sir. This is another winner!!!! Do you want more? Ehhhh - do you ??? If so - Let me know by replying here!!!!!!!!!

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