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Thread: Leary biscuit

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    Cool Leary biscuit

    This is apparently a classic but probably tastes nasty.

    You'll need:
    2x crackers, such as Triscuits
    Slice of cheese
    Cream cheese, imo (classically it's 2 slices of cheese but I think more surface area would be better)
    Cannabis, of suitable quality

    Place a dollop of cream cheese on a cracker.
    Sandwich the Cannabis between the slice of cheese and cream cheese on the crackers.
    Now place in toaster-oven or oven. Microwave oven no good but if only available use lowest power setting.
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    I don't use/have/sell drugs but i always find pot recipes interesting for some reason. Just imagining baking/cooking food with illegal ingredients tickles my freedom spots.

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    Hi Everyone .

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