So recently I have gotten bored of the monotony of playing just two or three games that require some sense of teamwork, and I thought to myself what separates people from playing the same games together? Well owning the same games for starters. I myself own around 100 games and I still have trouble finding common games among friends. So my idea is to get a group together on the teamspeak to play a game that we all own, because it is free. Planet Side 2 recently broke the record for largest FPS battle in history, so I have had some experience with this game in the past, but I realized it just wasn't as fun without a group. So here I am trying to find anyone that is seriously interested in playing a new game and learning the dynamics as a group. I am not looking any particular skill level as I have only clocked about 5 hours of total gameplay. So you can either message me on steam or leave a comment here in the forum.

See yaa around