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    Build 273 issues + Server updates + Community stuff.

    Hi Guys,

    There's a problem with particle effects in the latest build (273) . So if you're welding a resource tower, you'll notice your fps drops to about 10.
    I spoke to Ironhorse about it ( CDT Dev. ) And he is working with the CDT on a hotfix which was supposed to be out yesterday
    In the meantime, I recommend that you all drop your particle effects to minimum settings within your game options. This might help a bit until they get the hotfix out.
    The other thing you want to do is wipe your ns2 cache. This is really important and I recommend it be done after each build.
    The mods are no longer a problem, as we're running a new cloud server that I am renting specifically to replace the workshop for us.
    We are no longer dependent on the steam workshop. YAY! The current fail rate according to the CDT is 90% if you download from the workshop.
    It's even worse during steam sales. Patch 273 supposedly dropped that 90% down to 38% however I think we'd all prefer downloads to not fail.

    When you connect to the NS2 server, you'll be automatically diverted to our mod server.
    The mod server has one purpose. To send mods to the gameserver and gameclients on request.
    This ensures two things. #1 - we're always updated. #2 - we're all running the same versions.
    If the mod server doesn't have the mod you're after ( example - custom crosshairs ) it'll establish a connection to the steam workshop to obtain it for you.
    If it cannot obtain it - it will retry, and retry, and retry until it succeeds. If your game times out. reconnect and the mod-server should have it by then hopefully.

    It's 10Gbit. ( 10,000 Mbit / sec ) The average home connection is about 60Mbps so there should be no problems on that end.
    If you have an issue with mods at all - contact myself or SomeGuy so we can look into it immediately. So far it's been flawless

    When you connect to the server, you may notice that there is a good 10 seconds of red plug on occasion. This has nothing to do with our NS2 server.
    You'll notice how quickly you're able to connect to our server on map changes etc. The red plug is basically the UWE Hive / ns2stats still synchronizing players as they connect.
    When you see that red plug on map change, just hold tight. It's normal.

    If anyone wants to learn how to make a few bucks on the side through the stock market, I'm happy to teach people. I'm tossing out my picks which are heavily researched and am putting them out there to help you guys out. I post the buy order, and sell order ( in real-time ) so you know it's authentic. Want more info? let me know. Quantum Walrus says we should get a DMD fund going so that we can all make a few bucks, but I'm not 100% open to that idea as of yet. However in the meantime, if you want to learn, I'm happy to help you if I have the time.

    I've got a few moderator positions available. If you're a VIP and would like to help moderate the server. ( basically keep the peace on the server and organize a few pub Captains games here and there ) let me know and I'll give you a short interview to just go over a few things first. SomeGuy has been running Captains Nights on Monday's and Buddi has been doing Thursdays, but I'm thinking that we need to do a few on the weekends as well. Again - if you're up to it - please PM one of them as it'll help get you fast-tracked to admin.

    Oh and NSL Season 6 is coming up soon. If you're interested - talk to Knox. He'll be doing the recruiting as far as I know. He's got a busy schedule, so if you'd like to help him and know the comp. scene a bit, he'd love to hear from you.
    Thank you guys for your continued support in making DiamondGamers awesome. At the moment, we have about $240 / mo. coming in. Our servers run approximately $650/mo. So if you can afford to get VIP, I encourage you to show your support and get some swag! I'm looking at building us a new gaming rig to run watercooled at 4.8Ghz. It's extremely costly to have anything watercooled in a datacentre as it's an insurance risk to DC's. We need watercooling, and the unit needs to fit in a 2U machine to be racked. I'm also looking at the option of paying to have it housed somewhere. The equipment and hardware is costly let alone the housing. If people have some options, or ideas, please let me know.


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    Thanks for the report! Is there anyone we know in the NSL competition? ( i don't know anything about NSL)

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    You could put the servers at my house! I have a spare room lol.

    But for real, thanks for the info. I'd be somewhat interested in your stock pics, maybe make a separate post for them?

    I'm also interested in trying to play competitively. I'm at the point now where pubs are getting pretty boring comparatively.

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