Hello Folks!!

I have heard several people comment in game about a vehicle disappearing when they "un-tow" a vehicle. What actually happens, as I understand it, is that the vehicle goes back to its previously saved state. Which usually means back to the place you towed it from. There are some super easy steps you can take to make sure that does not happen, all of which revolve around one thing........ Changing the state of the vehicle enough that the database (DB) begins a refreshed save version.

Drive it for 5 secs, even if it has a broken wheel, the DB will usually save it with a lower amount of fuel.

Put some things in the inventory/gear of the vehicle as well just to make sure.

You can shoot it a few times, so the durability of the vehicle is instantly changed. (my favorite method if i am in a hurry)

Literally anything that alters the state of the vehicle will refresh it in the database, and thus allow it to towed and sold without reverting back to a previous state.

Have a Great Day!!