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    I've enjoyed playing on the NS2 servers and decided to pop in and say, 'Hey!'.

    I'm planning on upgrading my rig soon; hopefully will see y'all around more and won't be playing at ~40fps (full low settings)

    Thanks to all the moderators and regs for the gameplay and to Rusty for keeping the servers going.

    Have a good 2015, everyone!

    Also, here's the parts list for the new rig I'm ordering if y'all have any feedback:

    - Intel 4790K (no OC)
    - ASRock Z97 Extreme6
    - EVGA GeForce GTX 970 Superclocked 4GB (04G-2974-KR)
    - SeaSonic X650 Gold 650W
    - G.SKILL Sniper Series 16GB DDR3 1866
    - SAMSUNG 850 EVO-Series 2.5" 250GB
    - Fractal Design Define R4

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    Nice System Benmoo!

    I think it's a great build, but I would go MSI and not EVGA for your video card. EVGA's have a few reported problems and they are not at all quiet.
    MSI is as quiet as a mouse. I'm not sure if this is a factor for you, but thought I'd mention it as I have researched these cards heavily.
    I'd recommend the MSI GTX 970 Golden Ed. Both fans run independently with a one click OC of 1319 Mhz.

    Great PSU, and decent ram, but for your SSD make sure your read and write speeds are both a minimum of 520Mb/sec
    I would not get the Fractal case, as there's not a lot of airflow. I'd recommend a corsair case.

    I appreciate the feedback on the servers and will continue to keep things running as best I can.

    See you in game!

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    Video Card

    I would partially agree with Rusty that EVGA is not he right move for the 970 but I think Gigabyte will provide better service than the MSI. Including the fact that it contains 3 fans to the MSI's 2
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