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    Developer: Square Enix
    Status: Closed Beta

    I have been seeing a lot of old and current ns2 players playing nosgoth so I thought I would post this here.

    Nosgoth will go into open beta soon, and will be a free to play game. It is a spin off of the Legacy of Kain lore, but is a completely different game. Instead it is an asymmetric ranged humans vs melee vampires.

    Here is the Nosgoth steam page.
    If you are interested in the lore you can read here.
    If you are interested in competitive play, read here, as Square Enix is offering cash rewards right now on a weekly and monthly basis.
    If you want to know more about gameplay, watch this video.

    In my couple months playing so far I have really enjoyed it. It has been very buggy until just recently, but as a beta that is expected. By what I have seen so far I can not see it being pay to win. As of right now you can get all abilities just by playing long enough. The abilities aren't any stronger than the free default ones, just built for different play styles. Skins and cosmetics can only be purchased with real money though, with the Square Enix money called runestones.

    Gameplay is unique because it is asymmetrical. You play 4v4 in public games. In the beginning players will find vampires to seem very strong, but as you get more skilled you will find out coordinated humans who can aim are much stronger. Matchmaking is still a work in progress, but has made great improvements just recently in the beta.

    Anyone else playing Nosgoth? Right now you have to pay to get into the closed beta on steam, or use this link to get into the game for free.

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    Game is now in open beta. This means it is now free without a link or not, but please feel free to use this referral link so I can get a small reward.

    I have been playing a lot of the new flashpoint (beta) game mode. The premise is to capture multiple points around the map as humans before the timer runs out, or as vampires prevent the humans from doing so.

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    Looks cool, starting the download : )

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