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    Apr 2014
    minecraft/ EVIL_COOL
    playtime/ I've played on DMD Over 30 hours on ns2 server. Played minecraft for 3 years.
    what i would bring/ This is what I've done on my more resent survival game. Name:  2014-04-19_09.48.43.jpg
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Size:  19.5 KBName:  2014-04-19_09.48.50.jpg
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Size:  19.7 KBName:  2014-04-19_09.49.26.jpg
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Size:  17.0 KBName:  2014-04-19_09.50.00.jpg
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Size:  19.4 KBName:  2014-04-19_09.50.15.jpg
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Size:  11.9 KBName:  2014-04-19_09.50.18.jpg
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Size:  14.9 KBName:  2014-04-19_09.50.43.jpg
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Size:  19.6 KB I'm also good with redstone. I would love to help DMD have a server were they can make good money off of i have played on lots of minecraft server and i no what work and what doesn't. But again i would love to help DMD and make a top rated server.

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    Minecraft Name: cheeseyman66
    Time spent with diamond gamers: just found it
    What you wish to bring to the server: Idk

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    Minecraft Name: Trekar_Sil
    Time spent with Diamond Gamers: About 4 months give or take
    What you wish to bring to the server: ABOOSE

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    You guys should update my permissions again, 'cause you know I'm da bes.
    So, we jigglin' err?

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