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Thread: Possible Mods?

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    Question Possible Mods?

    Minecraft is great and all, but mods make things better (sometimes). If you feel like a mod should be installed, then do the following:

    Mod Name:
    Mod Description:
    Mod Link:

    So here is a couple I think are cool.

    Mod Name: iChuns Morph Mod
    Mod Description: Kill something. Become it.
    Mod Link:

    Mod Name: McMMO
    Mod Description: Adds MMO skills systems.
    Mod Link:

    Mod Name: Minecraft Forge (1.6.2)
    Mod Description: Base of all mods.
    Mod Link:

    Mod Name: MC Bukkit
    Mod Description: Allows things McMMO to work.
    Mod Link:

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    mod name/ chest shop
    mod description/ lets players make shops. good way to make players subscribe on pay-pal.
    mod link/

    mod name/ lockette
    mod description/ lets players lock the chests and doors with signs.
    mod link/

    ill post if a think of any more.

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