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    EPOCH Server Dead For Good?

    Being the addict that I am, couldn't help but notice the server has been down for about a day +. As I never chipped in, not a complaint. Just wondering if the plan is to let that stay dead or revive in the near future?

    Thanks for all you guys do!!

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    Noticed this as well. I just started a few days ago on the event server and then moved to the one with coins. Gathered up around 300k coins, stashed a nice heli, and put up the first tent. Never saw a single person on the entire time. I tend to prefer servers with AI. It gives something more challenging for people to kill than the zombies. Seems to keep them from relentlessly hunting me instead, lol. Every DayZ server has some kind of death clock though. The server dies, or the admin suddenly hates you, or some group makes sport of hunting you (and can seemingly find you no matter where you are on the map). Hopefully this is just a case of upgrading things?

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    Hey No Avatar Found!!

    Never fear sir the server is definitely not dead!! Also I was glad to meet you ingame!

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    The zombies escaped the server, and started nomming on everything. IT was bad!
    Luckily ZombieBusters were able to subdue the walking dead and force them back into the server.

    I do apologize about the downtime, but things are back up and running. The Militarized server is not coming back, however the EVENT server ( the one No Avatar Found) plays on is back up and will stay up for the foreseeable future

    In reality, it was a DDOS attack on the DC which took a long time to clear up.

    Thank you for the kind words,and remember that donations are always appreciated.

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