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    Lightbulb Captain's Rules

    These rules are to be used on the (Captain's) server and during all Captain's Night events!

    Please wait in the ready room until you are picked for a team. If you are joining in the middle of the game, ask what team you should join. You may be asked to spectate until the next match.

    Before the round begins, all players should stay in the ready room. Two players will volunteer or be chosen to be Team Captains. The first player to volunteer or the first player chosen gets their choice of team. Please do not volunteer to be a Team Captain unless you are familiar with the majority of players on the server - this is to ensure balance between the teams. No players should be picked for a team until both Marines and Aliens have a Team Captain.

    The Team Captain for the Marines will get the first pick from the players in the Ready Room. The Alien Captain will then get the second and third picks (2 consecutive picks) - again, this is to ensure balance between the teams. The two Captains will then alternate taking single picks until all players have been chosen for a team. If there is an odd number of players, both teams must agree to the imbalance, or you may be asked to spectate for a round. Please join your team as soon as you are picked by a Captain.

    The Team Captain is not required to be the in-game commander, but if no players on the team step up to the task, the Captain is responsible to command.

    If an admin is in the server, he/she will turn on Tournament mode. If tournament mode is on, the Team Captain must type "ready" into the chat when his/her team is ready. After both Captains ready up, there will be a message in the chat that says "Both teams are ready." and reset shortly thereafter. At this point, the game is live. The game may reset a few times prior to this, but it is not a live game until that message appears.

    If tournament mode is not on, wait until your team is ready to get into the comm chair/hive. Once the game begins, it will be live.

    Finally, if you run into any issues, have any comments/suggestions/rants, or want to talk about how awesome my dogs are, message me on steam.
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