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    It is well past time that I actually post one of these.

    Hey everyone,

    I'm sure you've seen me around as I've been gaming off and on the Diamond server for about 2 years, and have recently attained Admin status. I've been consistently playing for the past 8 months or so.

    I come from a background of competitive Starcraft II where I achieved a high rank in Diamond league, which ended up being about the top 5% of the ladder. I'll still tell you I'm terrible at it though lol.

    My time away from the computer is spent going to school where I'm double majoring in Math and Computer Science, which I just got an internship in downstate Michigan so if you're from around that area, hit me up. Until I recently got that I've been training for my university's D2 football team which I played for until the end of last semester.

    I absolutely love gaming with you guys on those nights that just go on forever. Don't hesitate to message me about anything you feel is necessary because I love all of ya's

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    So, we jigglin' err?

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    Hey! Welcome to Diamond Gamers : )

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