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    Hope the server stays

    Hello folks! I am currently playing your Overpoch Chernarus server. Just now starting to bring in some of the group i play with. Its hard sometimes to find servers that have the mods we look for, and yours has them. One of the problems we run into A LOT is servers shutting down just about when we start to financially back them. I am concerned (due to lack of players) that this will happen again. I am more than willing to take on some of the (financial) burden of keeping the overpoch server up and running. So I guess I am posting this relatively long post, to ask one simple question. What are the current longevity plans for the Diamond Gamers Overpoch Chernarus server?

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    Howdy Jagg! I can't speak to your question, although in my opinion from what I've heard the server is coming back stronger than ever. There is also an additional "war zone" server that Rusty and the guys have been building, which is basically much more militarized, including destructible bases. It sounds amazing! Personally, we're just had a fourth child so I'm still reeling from the changes there, and haven't been playing much of anything overall. Getting back into the swing this week, if the kids stay well.

    So, my longwinded post is basically, "Welcome! Hope to see you in game. You friendly?"

    Just call me Al.

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    Hi Jaggru,

    Thank you for your post. I run a few servers and you are right that at times servers do go up and down. I recently shutdown our Rust server as it was essentially dead thanks to the peer/server ratio. Our DayZ server up until about a month ago was streaming with life. However since GoldCoins has come out and our key players are away on new jobs, school, and vacations - the playerbase has dropped down to the lowest I have ever seen it.

    That being said, I spent the last few months with Nathan working on a new militarized server. It's online now but still needs work done to it.
    I am thinking about shutting down one of the two servers, but that is not yet confirmed. What I can tell you is that we will always have a DayZ server up and running. I will finish the militarized server with gold coins, and see what comes of it then. If one server is populated and the other is not, then I'll make a post first before any decisions are made. For the time being, if you wish you financially support the community, it is greatly appreciated.

    Which server were you looking at? The Goldcoin server, or the standard?

    I do appreciate your post Jaggru and am pleased that you found our server and community.

    ts3 ip:

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    Hello Al and Rusty!! I am currently only on the standard server, and I look forward to getting settled in there.


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