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    Angry Apple's Operating System?

    If Apple had to actually build and maintain an OS from scratch ( like Microsoft did ) upgrades to OS X would be far more than $25

    Here's what they don't want you to know.
    OS X exists because it is designed to be the only thing to run on Apple hardware. It's not as a means to push the envelope with innovation like Linux. Heavens no, that would be bad for business.

    Apple did create their own operating system. It's NOT OSX though. Nope. In fact it was utter crap. If you think that OS X is a better OS than Windows or Linux - realize what source is behind all that glimmer. The fundamentals are powered by Linux.

    So when Apple puts a patent on their software - knowing that Linux is GNU ( meaning it's free open source software for private use ) They have no argument during patent wars.

    For those that do not know. Apple took Linux ( open source operating system that the community as a whole owns and works together to better each version. - also completely free ) - Apple took that, and slapped their name on it - adding in fancy graphics and their own hardware that will only operate with their own revised version of Linux - called the OS X.

    I hate Apple because they give ZERO credit to the small guys who actually built Linux in the first place. They are currently fighting a $35 million dollar lawsuit against Linux Operators for lack of respect and violating the GNU.

    Screw you Apple!

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    This pretty much sums up what Steve Jobs was about. Loopholes. I read somewhere the man never had license plates on his car due to a loophole he found in California law. He would buy a new Cadillac every few months and somehow avoided needing license plates. Steve Jobs didn't just run his company this way, he ran his life this way.

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    I hope this is true, because I'm tired of all the Apple worshipers in my school. Like, they literally worship Apple. They think that if Apple didn't "invent" the computer, "invent" operating systems, "invent" keyboards, "invent" mice, then the computer (and nothing related to it) would exist. They also think that both Windows and Linux stole all of their ideas from Apple.
    So, we jigglin' err?

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