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    Militarized Server

    The server will be up soon.
    We ran into a major conflict that stopped the Zed aggro.
    Not noticing it earlier delayed us.

    As of today, here's what I've got completed.

    Coins are installed and functioning as the main currency
    Server Traders fully re-done to utilize the Coins.
    Gem Trader added.
    AirDealer moved from NW to NE
    Stary Sober completely redone.
    Locked Vehicles are Indestructible
    Vehicles in Safe Zones, are Indestructible.
    Vehicles near Plot Poles are indestructible.
    ** amended so if someone is in the vehicle - it is not indestructible ( prevents abuse with weaponized vehicles )
    ATM's marked on map
    Custom Debug Monitor installed to show coins.

    Currently I am working on a custom plot pole script so that you do not lose your plot pole on death.
    You can also add your friends to your plot pole so it's shared.

    Next up : unsure yet.

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    Statham, GA
    Booyah! This is going to be great.

    Just call me Al.

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    yea i cant wait

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