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Thread: Clearing NS2

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    Clearing NS2

    I've been on the server less than a handful of times as of yet, however I've noticed a slight stutter when I'm enjoying myself on the server. I spoke to Rusty, he advised it could be my GPU - However I know personally that the situation isn't todo with that item.

    I'm just asking for alittle help in removing all downloaded/cached items for NS2 then I can hopefully run it smoothly.

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    Open Windows Explorer
    type in %appdata%
    Go into the Natural Selection 2 folder.
    Check how many files are in the cache folder for your own reference and then delete it
    Delete the Workshop Folder.
    Restart your computer.

    Launch NS2
    Ensure you are running in D3D9
    Shut off Anti Aliasing and disable the physx driver.

    You can optimize NS2+ - run low level lighting etc. You need to toy with your settings a bit after that.
    Hope it helps.

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    I don't know much about this subject. But try this, open window explorer and type app data. Now go to natural selection 2 folders. Over there, check files in the cache folder according to your reference. Then delete it. Maybe it works. Or else you can connect to a web design and development company as they have professionals experts who can help you to overcome your problems.

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