We all know that NS2 is the best game in the world. However there are a few other games that are equally exciting and as such, we've changed the Steam group name from "NS2 Diamonds" to "Diamondgamers.net".

We are asking you to please change steam groups. At the same time I urge you to invite your friends.
You can do this by Right clicking on the steam icon - and selecting "friends".
From here - you can click on "Manage Friends List" and invite people to the group.

We definatly appreciate the support. We work long hours to serve and support the community.
Those of you who are donators, I really do thank you again. I couldn't have got us this far alone.

We'll be having a few community events shortly. I'll have the details posted in the forums + on the new steam group!
Prizes? Of course!!

See you in game!

P.S. Feel free to add in [DMD] infront of your steam name once you've registered in the forums.
This helps people identify each other and makes organization easier. Plus it's a damned good tag!