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    I'm going to delete all the gold

    Due to people running over AI, and the sheer amount of briefcases that people have, I'm going to wipe the briefcases from the server sometime soon. I'm adding in RPG's to the ai missions ( set to only attack vehicles ) which should prevent people from running over the ai, and easy looting the missions. The RPG will never be obtainable.

    Some safes have over 100 briefcases. I feel that wiping the gold will put everyone on a level playing field and add more challenges.
    Let me know your thoughts.

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    Well, I'm not an Admin so I don't know all the things you're dealing with. I do have one response: ACK! I just started, though, so I won't lose much. It seems like it was too easy for people to get gold earlier, with how you're describing them simply running down the AI. It still makes me wince to think of anyone losing such a huge amount of gold, though.

    Those are my only thoughts. I'm not going to change my gaming time here or anything due to it.
    Just call me Al.

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    I totally agree, wipe all gold and start over with missions with rpg's so people just cant run them over

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