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  • Sunday Night @ 11:55 PM EST

    0 0%
  • Monday @ 11:55 PM EST - this would be right after our regular captain's game

    1 12.50%
  • Tuesday Night @ 11:55 PM EST - this is what we've done the last 2 weeks

    3 37.50%
  • Wednesday Night @ 11:55 PM EST

    0 0%
  • Thursday Night @ 11:55 PM EST

    0 0%
  • Friday Night @ 11:55 PM EST

    3 37.50%
  • Saturday Night @ 11:55 PM EST

    1 12.50%
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    Late Night Captain's Nights!

    Hey everyone,

    Glad to see these have been such a success!

    For those who haven't taken part, we've fun an extra-special "Late Night" Captain's Game the last two weeks on Tuesday nights (technically Wednesday...) from midnight to 2 AM. We've been full (plus a bunch of extras!) both nights and I'd love to keep it up.

    It makes the most sense for me, schedule-wise, to do it on a Monday or Tuesday. I already run the regular Captain's night from 7-9 on Monday, so I could double-up on Mondays or keep it at Tuesday. That said, I'm not opposed to running it a different night, but I work until midnight - so if I'm hosting, 2 things have to happen:

    1)We can't start until at least 12:30 or so to give me time to get in from work, and
    2) You guys have to kind of organize yourselves. I won't be around in the hours leading up to the even to post reminders and messages, so you're going to have to start using the calendar RSVP to get a list of 16 created without any work on my end.

    There is also a secret 3rd option - someone else can take over for a late-night captain's game. But you'd need admin privileges and I don't have the power to give those out.

    So, please vote for the day you'd be most likely to attend (keeping in mind what I said above), and comment below with any additional questions/concerns.

    **The poll is posted for times beginning at 11:55 PM (for ease of day transition, so I didn't have to specifiy that Midnight wednesday was technically thursday - etc. So please vote for the evening you'd like to play, keeping in mind that anything other than monday or tuesday would likely need to start later than midnight.
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    Sundays Captain Night, went absolutely terrible. Disco Stu, came on. Literally said "Captains Night" - So we were all preparing, I said don't kick me I want to go for a smoke break, then he then proceeds to says its a "dirty habit" trying to degrade me over a choice of mine. Saying I will be kicked and refusing to give me the password... Now I wouldn't mind but he gave us (me) no time to prepare... I needed liquids.. So while his rain continued, he had the server waiting around 30 minutes to even get started so I could have had a break in the end... After many failed starts, we started... Marines had one man down from DC'd and then another AFK. So after constant spamming of Stu for the password, he ignored everything In-game chat / PM's on steam. He knew NON of the commands (If I was with, I would have read up on the commands required todo the job right)

    Now we only found out the password from someone who joined in late, to cover our spot. Still being one man down, people started leaving. Then out of nowhere, Stu vanished... Must have been his 500 ping ALL night. What I don't understand is that, after we argued alittle on Steam he removed me from his friends list and then try to continue the argument ingame. /facepalm

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    We're looking into this Milk.

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    Alright, thanks. I've tried speaking to Some Guy, however different timezones prove difficult... Will try and catch him later today.

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    Though the poll is closed I'd like to throw in a vote for any days except Sunday to Tuesday, I don't log in until 10pm PST those days (most days I'm on at 8:30-9pm PST). I really like Captains night but y'all never have it going on at a time that's good for me it seems.

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